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    Wow! Jason, it’s beautiful! Thanks for posting the pictures.

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    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood on the beach in Belmar and watched a trawler do its thing. Of course I never do get to see what is happening along the ocean floor. I really like your idea of letting students see what happens. And by-catch is something most of them don’t know about. I’m a tad concerned about how they are actually…[Read more]

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    Really neat sheet! A trick I learned while teaching is to layout the sheet so that I don’t have to “read” it ~ making it more like a long concept map / outline so that I could quickly glance down to see where I was and what came next. My favorite layout is as if I’d folded the sheet in half lengthwise and listed the major questions / topics down…[Read more]

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    Yikes! I forgot something~ test out how to do the balloon into the solution part ~ I used too small of a container and the force of the air being released from the balloon created massive splashing EVERYWHERE!

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    Hi Dan and Mario,

    You have a great topic! Please remember that most kids won’t have any background knowledge of molecules yet (not until high school) but most kids have heard of H20 and CO2 ~ with NO understanding of why. Also, are you saying there different forms of CO2 or just different sources?

    I’m worried about how much talking is going on…[Read more]

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    Hi Mike,

    How’s it going? I’m trying to find the place where we bought seaweed from for the classification activity. Do you remember where we got it from?

  • Thank you so much Sage for bringing this all together. My students had a wonderful time on their phone call to the ship. It’s hard to express here, we had 2 classes come in so 40 people crammed into my classroom. And they were listening intently. The PowerPoint slides that you put up during the […]

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    Hi Deborah,

    I’m so glad it came in handy. There is sometimes so much out there, it’s hard to wade through. I can’t wait to see everyone at Ocean Day! It’s just around the corner!

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    Hugh ~ I’ve been “tagging along” on expeditions for the past 12 years and this one was, by far, the best ever. Your wonderful blog entries and Chris’s amazing photos gave us an insight I’ve never experienced before. My students often marveled at your “voice” (the words you chose to use to describe things and how you put them together). Your…[Read more]

  • I’m having 4 different classes follow the blogs (5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th). We check in daily with a quick update, and then when I can schedule the mobile computer cart, the students read through the blogs on their own. I’ve been doing the labs with only one class (7th) ~ that’s the class that […]

  • Oh no! The pressure, the pressure! I forgot that I gave them the warm-up “If you could talk to your favorite quarterback for 10 minutes ~ what would you ask him?” For some reason that helped them understand a little better. They are so excited when their question gets answered!

  • Hi Claire, Thanks for the idea for the Cartesian divers… it sounds like you had them thinking and having fun! I’ve had my fair share of questions ~ my rule of thumb to my students is “if you can google it, then don’t ask it…” I do a lot of modeling about what makes a […]

  • Hi Donna, Thanks! I haven’t run any of the lessons yet with my students. If you have already, and know of any tweaks or improvements, or even something I should say during the directions to help the students better understand, would you mind posting them? We’re having so much fun! I hope you all are […]

    • Hi Laura, Claire, and “friends”!
      The students and I have been so busy keeping up with the blogs from the scientists that I did not have time to write back sooner. Cherri Worth and I have done the water mass lab, cartesian diver lab, and we looked at phytoplankton and algae under microscopes. Our students loved making the cartesian divers. We…[Read more]

  • Claire,
    I’m so glad you could use it! Thanks for letting me know…. it makes the time I spent putting it together seem more worthwhile. ~ Laura

  • Hi, I put some pictures to Josh Kohut’s interview to give my students a better understanding of what they were listening to. I showed my 5th – 8th graders today, and they seemed to like it. For some reason my school filter won’t let me post it to the documents part of this group, so […]

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    Thanks Sage! What place it the best to send questions to them? Facebook? On the Ross Sea Connection blog comment area? Here?

  • Thanks for the beautiful pictures! They’re a great addition to your blog. I so appreciate the details you’ve included. We all wish Ashley Needham success in his quarter campaign. I cringe when I think of how cold you’ll soon be. We’ll be here ~ waiting to hear from you and hoping you have a wonderful […]

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