Xiamen & Georgia

March 9, 2010 in China by Ari Daniel

By Lundie Spence, COSEE SE

For almost two days, we have had lively brainstorming to understand our individual systems. Both our US and Chinese colleagues face similar opportunities and challenges to get researchers engaged in outreach. Our COSEE strategies are considered interesting. Learning about each other is exciting. Dr Min Liu from Xiamen University on the coast studies the life cycle of grouper and knows the research team that includes George Sedberry, director of NOAA Grays Reef NMS in Georgia. It is a small world and one ocean! Our COSEE SE/SEACOOS poster, Who Goes with the Flow, on Gulf Stream and larval dispersal, held interest. The community action involving retrieving marine litter is also done on some coasts. We are only beginning our networks. Thanks Bob and Xuchen for leadership.

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