Summer Teacher Workshop

Workshop Agenda

Presentations and Activities from Workshop:

Monday: Introduction to Project, Ocean Convergence through Zooplankton

Tuesday: Mission Blog, Penguin Foraging, & Spatial Data

Wednesday: Penguin Data, Physical Oceanography & Gliders

Thursday: Piloting Gliders, Student Open-Inquiry Investigation, Pitfalls & Strategies

Friday: Project Logistics, Science Posters, & The Big Picture (Ocean and Climate Change)


Logistics about Workshop:

When was the workshop? – August 18-22, 2014 (9:00am – 3:30pm daily)

Where was the workshop held? – Rutgers University, Cook Campus, Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences Building (71 Dudley Rd., New Brunswick, NJ), the Phillip Alampi Seminar Room

What was provided?

  • Binder of all written materials for the project and lessons
  • Bag of all materials to teach the lessons
  • All presentations available online

What’s next?- For additional information on the next steps for the teachers and scientists after the teacher workshop, check out the Project CONVERGE Schedule.