Rural Drifter Heads for the Big City

No, this is not a Country & Western song. College of the Redwoods’ drifter finally escaped the clutches of the Bodega Triangle two days ago under the cover of darkness. In the same bold move, the drifter also slipped past the deadly clutches of Point Reyes. Safe? Not even! The drifter made an initial feint toward the Golden Gate, but then eased southward. Since then the drifter has been ambling through the major shipping lanes approaching the Golden Gate: dangerous waters! (

The NWS offshore forecast for the next four days calls for more unseasonal southerly winds (is this really MAY?), which could once again subject our valiant drifter to the possibility of being pushed back northward and onshore. Thus the potential for a visit to the Big City still remains a possibility.

Both of our local newspapers published articles on the drifter project (one on the front page), and tracking the drifter has become an obsession for many members of the general public as well as our students. Thanks to each and all of you (especially Jim Manning & Deidre Sullivan) that are responsible for making this project happen!

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