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Now *That* got my Students' Attention

To begin my lecture on gyres and surface currents this morning, I showed them this image.

This data, collected by our colleagues at Cape Fear Community College, definitely got their attention. This is especially noteworthy because we’re getting towards the end of the semester where students are dealing with all kinds of assignments and are just trying to survive. A lecture about gyres and the differences between strong and swift western boundary currents and weak and meandering eastern boundary currents that is usually met with bored indifference was suddenly incredibly relevant.

That track was made in two months folks! Heck, I had no idea the Gulf Stream was *that* fast.

Here’s the same data with current SST data behind it.

Does anybody know where I can get a kml file showing higher resolution SST data for the North Atlantic that would show all of the eddies in more detail?

I did find this kml file, but it is from 2005 and the location of the eddies is quite different.



CFCC Deploys 2 Drifters Off NC Coast

Jacqui and I have been working on ways to incorporate the tracks of the drifters into the program and coming up with some great ideas.

I just sent out a P.O. to purchase 2 more transmitters and around 2000 transmissions, so next year we will be ready!



Pictures are out of order. Will do better on second post!


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