• Alwin Mui edited the file: Interdependency of Organisms in Group logo of COSIA ActivitiesCOSIA Activities 10 years, 2 months ago

    • Alwin, Anna,
      Thanks for the edits to your activity, it’s reading a lot more polished. You already know you need a stable table and wind guard for Rutgers Day. If you have time to make some edits to your tower blocks by adding a unique symbol to each color I think that will help include color blind participants. You can also use the symbols/colors on the fate cards to indicate which blocks to pull without searching through 2 sheets. One comment on the Fate cards – I wouldn’t call the fisherman who took too many trout “brave”, that word has positive connotations, instead I might use greedy, foolish, or no descriptive at all. Consider having the final fate cards laminated so they are more durable. It was fun to play yesterday.

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