• Hugh Powell wrote a new blog post Saying Hello and Goodbye at the Same Time in the group Group logo of Ross Sea ConnectionRoss Sea Connection: 12 years, 3 months ago

    I woke up this morning to strange voices shouting. I was disoriented. Part of me felt like I was still on the bridge watching the Palmer wedge itself between ice floes, which is what I had been doing at 5 a.m. The ship was quiet then, though it shuddered and weaved among ice floes 12 […]

    • Hugh ~ I’ve been “tagging along” on expeditions for the past 12 years and this one was, by far, the best ever. Your wonderful blog entries and Chris’s amazing photos gave us an insight I’ve never experienced before. My students often marveled at your “voice” (the words you chose to use to describe things and how you put them together). Your entries sparked several lively class conversations. Thank you so much for the daily journals and your thoughtful replies to my students’ questions. We’re going to miss checking in on you ~ but your last journal brought closure. Thank you!

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