• Karen Bolles posted an update 12 years, 7 months ago

    We are currently collaborating with WHOI educators and the New Bedford Ocean Explorium to develop hands-on educational and outreach activities based off HabCam imagery.

    • That’s quite an ambitious project. I absolutely love the HabCam imagery. There’s still nothing else quite like it out there. The dataset includes so many great pictures of so many different habitats and critters (assuming you can scroll past all the boring sandy parts ;). Since the public gravitates more readily to biological data, I think you have a much easier hook, though you’ll have to emphasize the point that even photos are “data” in a different form (and in this case, a rich dataset that can be used in so many cool ways). I’m anxious to know how you’re going to turn these data-streams into hands-on activities, so please keep us updated.

    • Hi Sage, thanks for your thoughts on HabCam.. it is a great project with so much potential. We are currently trying to make the db fully operational and, as well as analyzing images and preparing for our next sea trips,we are developing the education/outreach program. I have so many ideas, one being… setting it up so that kids can track us when we are out fishing and, in some areas where we fish, kids can view the HabCam seafloor images in real-time (basically get the data into the classroom(s)). I think this would be really fun for them. Thanks again for your reply and bear with me while I get used to navigating/working this site. I will keep you updated. thanks again..

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