Katie Gardner


Full Name

Katie Gardner


Teacher Programs Developer


Informal Educator


Liberty Science Center

Affiliation Type

Museum/Aquarium (etc.)


Jersey City, NJ

Web Site


Professional Bio

• Presenting professional development programs to in-service and pre-service teachers based on current educational research.
• Designing new content and presentations for students, and teacher professional development programs.
• Expanding existing work to promote the use of data and technology in the classroom, and supporting teachers as they implement these changes to their curriculum.
• Linking teacher professional development with educational opportunities for students.
• Providing professional development to Liberty Science Center staff, using Reflecting on Practice materials.
• Supporting the pursuit of new grant funded opportunities for teacher professional development, and meeting the stated goals of existing grants.
• Training Liberty Science Center staff in the assembly and use of magic planets (digital spherical displays), and student programs developed to use them.
• Aligning new exhibition concepts with curriculum and educational standards, and developing curriculum materials, program opportunities, and teacher resource guides to accompany the exhibit.
• Publishing the findings of program evaluations in professional journals for both education and science.
• Collaborating with educators and scientists to strengthen ties between the two professional communities, and provide stronger professional development to teachers.
• Teaching K-12 students on an occasional basis to maintain classroom management and questioning skills.

Personal Interests

My Research Interests

These things interest me, but I do not actively participate in educational research myself.
Informal Education Evaluation
Data usage in informal and formal education environments

My Teaching Interests

Ocean Science Education, and Ocean Literacy
Scientific Relevance to General Public
Environmental Sciences
Engineering Education
Earth Sciences
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Computer Programming and Robotics Education

Current Projects

Project CONVERGE – Education Outreach, Science Communication Team
GIS student workshops
App Programming student workshop
Next Generation Science Standards PD workshops for educators

My Hobbies

Hiking + Geocaching, board games

I am interested in collaborating on...

Informal education research on use of data in teaching and exhibits.
Professional development of both formal and informal educators.
Ocean or Earth Science Broader Impact work.
Computer science and technology education

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