Karen Lobby

Personal Interests

My Teaching Interests

After 34 years of teaching I still find excitement every year. I enjoy working on ways to integrate all subject areas into meaningful and fun lessons for my students. The use of Language Arts materials as a tie-in to our MARE program has been my focus for the past 4 years. This coming year my focus for MARE will be related to how young students can become more environmentaly aware and how we can help our community join in projects that are environmentally focused.

My Hobbies

Scrapbooking reading gardening and enjoying my daughter and our Westie


Full Name

Karen Lobby




Classroom Teacher (K-12)


Watchung Elementary School, Middlesex, NJ MARE Educator

Affiliation Type

Elementary School

Professional Bio

I am a second grade teacher who is responsible for all areas of education for my students. I have been MARE trained since 2005. I am a member of our school’s MARE Leadership team. I am currently working as a member of the Rutgers MARE Development team to improve the implementation of the MARE program into new schools.

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