• Kathleen Mallory uploaded the file: COSIA Activity Outline to Group logo of COSIA ActivitiesCOSIA Activities 10 years, 7 months ago

    In addition to our Activity Sheet, we developed a basic outline for teaching. It’s very informal and meant as a tool to help us during our presentation. We used it during our last presentation of our activity to assist us when needed. We found it very helpful because it kept us on track, helped us to remember our goals and reminded us of the scientific content we wanted to present. I am uploading it in hopes that maybe other groups can create a similar sheet to assist them during their presentation. 🙂

    • Really neat sheet! A trick I learned while teaching is to layout the sheet so that I don’t have to “read” it ~ making it more like a long concept map / outline so that I could quickly glance down to see where I was and what came next. My favorite layout is as if I’d folded the sheet in half lengthwise and listed the major questions / topics down the left side and any added info or details I needed to refer to on the right side.

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