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    Hi Donna, Thanks! I haven’t run any of the lessons yet with my students. If you have already, and know of any tweaks or improvements, or even something I should say during the directions to help the students better understand, would you mind posting them? We’re having so much fun! I hope you all are […]

    • Hi Laura, Claire, and “friends”!
      The students and I have been so busy keeping up with the blogs from the scientists that I did not have time to write back sooner. Cherri Worth and I have done the water mass lab, cartesian diver lab, and we looked at phytoplankton and algae under microscopes. Our students loved making the cartesian divers. We followed the directions that we did at Liberty Science Center. What helped was that we put all the supplies in a container on the desk tops and a beaker of water for the students to test to see if their diver would float before putting it in the bottle. Cherri came up with that idea. It was much easier than having the students keep testing by putting the diver in the water and taking it out. We followed the directions that we were given for the water mass lab. We were not able to measure conductivity, but the students were able to see the water layer because of temperature and salinity. We made a few copies of the phytoplankton booklet that we received so students would have access to the organisms as they looked under the microscope. My students are talking with the scientists tomorrow. We are all so excited! For once, the students are praying that there is NO SNOW! We don’t want to have to reschedule. Talk to you soon.

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