Laura Dunbar


Full Name

Laura Dunbar


Middle School Science Teacher in NJ


Classroom Teacher (K-12)


IMCS – Rutger's University, Sea Girt Elementary School, NJ (grades 6-8)

Affiliation Type

Middle School

Professional Bio

As a middle school science and computer teacher for the past 14 years, I’ve taught grades 5-8. I try to broaden my students’ ideas about scientists by introducing them to researchers in the field and “tagging along” on expeditions. This year we’ve even partnered with an astronomer.

A graduate of the US Naval Academy, I served for 7 years in the Integrated Underwater Sound Surveillance program. An avid sailor and surfer, I try to convey the importance of the ocean’s role in our world.

Personal Interests

My Research Interests

Bringing current research into the classroom in a meaningful way. The ocean is my passion ~ riding waves since I could walk (thanks to an adventurous mom) sailing surfing kiteboarding ~ physical oceanography is my focus.

My Teaching Interests

Staying current and keeping kids interested in science ~ every generation says that students are different from those in their day ” but today that is absolutely true because of the technology they grew up with and how they communicate with each other.”

My Hobbies

All based around the ocean ~ every chance I get I go kiteboarding (and try not kill myself in the process) or I’m out surfing providing entertainment for those along the beach as I spectacularly wipe-out. On no-wind no-wave days I enjoy a good book on the beach.

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