• We did another experiment in my biology class with brine shrimp. This experiment was really time consuming it took a week to complete. I learned what brine shrimp were, they are really tiny creatures.

    This […]

  • In my biology class we played a game where each person picked one of four animals and choose whether to eat salps or eat krill. The animals that we available to choose were a penguin, bird, whale, fish. This game […]

  • They did answer my question about interacting with penguins. It sucks that only certain people can touch them because they’re so cute. I learned a lot about what they’re doing in Antarctica. I also found it […]

  • The brine shrimp experiment was showing how brine shrimp grew in different pH levels. We used three different types of solution which are regular tap water, warm water, and vinegar was the last type.  There were […]

  • We did an experiment on how brine shrimp would grow at different temperatures and different ph or acidity levels. And this is an important experiment on a small scale of the effects on the krill, which are vital […]

  • We did and experiment on how the acidity or ph affected the shells in the ocean and this is important because there are animals in the ocean that need their shells to survive and some of the other aquatic depend […]

  • This experiment we did in Biology and in my Wildlife Management class. It resembled how brine shrimp grow in different conditions. Unfortunately, they all died both times.

    In each experiment, we put about 30 […]

  • This was the experiment we did in Biology with the sea shells and the pH of the water they were in. We soaked different shells and scallops in waters with different pH. This was to resemble the effect of pH on […]

  • The Brine shrimp were part of an experiment that we had to do in biology class. We were forced to do for this to test the Ph and the temperature of the water. I do not think that the shrimp did not get enough […]

  • We did an experiment in biology to see under what conditions brine shrimp are able to thrive and grow.  We had three different solutions that we put the brine shrimp in. We put a specific amount in each container. […]

  • In Biology class we did an experiment to test acidity levels in the ocean. We need to understand what is happening in our environments and to do that we are conducting experiments with different acidity levels. As […]

  • Food Web Game
    In this game we had four animals to choose from; a seal, whale, bird, and a penguin. I played this game two times the first time being a seal and the second time being a bird. I died the first time […]

  • This experiment was to see how well brine shrimp grew in different water. This experiment lasted around two weeks. There was four of us in one group and we had ninety brine shrimp eggs.

    There was three bottles […]

  • The food web game was a game to help us understand the struggles that the animals go through and how humans can either make it harder or easer. This game gets the players attention and teaches them how food […]

  • In my biology class we have played a game. There were four characters that we have gotten to choose from. The characters included an Adelie penguin, a Humpback Whale, Mackerel Icefish, and the Cape Petral. The […]

  • In the last few weeks in biology we have been conducting an experiment. We had to grow brine shrimp and collect data throughout their growth. It was rather hard to do because the information was hard to follow. […]

  • The brine shrimp that we grew in the class room were supposed to represent the krill in the ocean. We found that the shrimp died every day and that it was very hard to keep them alive because there was so many of […]

  • The Brine Shrimp experiment was done to see if we could grow the shrimp in either, water, vinegar, or warm water and vinegar.  Some groups had success with this though some did not. The brine shrimp would either […]

  • The past few weeks in biology, we have been doing a lab over the growth rate of brine shrimp. I wasn’t a really big fan of this experiment. I found it rather difficult to follow.

    In this experiment, we put […]

  • This experiment in Biology was to find the acidity and pH of water, vinegar, salt water and how these substances would affect clam and scallop shells. This experiment showed that different kinds of substances can […]

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