Sage Lichtenwalner


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Sage Lichtenwalner


Data Translator




Rutgers University

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New Brunswick, NJ

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Professional Bio

I work in the Coastal Ocean Observation Lab on both research and education projects. On the science side I am actively involved in testing new algorithms to quality control Codar HF-Radar data. I also write Matlab scripts to process real-time data and make graphical displays. On the education side I help translate” the scientific research and activities of the COOL group for use in various educational settings including Professional Development workshops (like MARE) online lessons ( and for use in informal learning centers. This “translation” involves assisting in story development designing new data visualizations and working to display COOL datasets and research in meaningful ways for a variety of audiences (including the media museum displays and K-12 curricula).

Personal Interests

My Research Interests

– Effective practices for data visualization for various audiences
– Real-time data interface usability
– Applicability of Real-time data to various audiences (including students teachers coastal managers commercial and recreational users)

My Teaching Interests

– Using Real-time data to teach ocean literacy concepts

My Hobbies

– Architecture of New Jersey homes
– Orchestral score reading and conducting
– Learning how to cook and garden

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