Silke Severmann


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Silke Severmann


Assistant Professor


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Rutgers University – IMCS

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New Brunswick, NJ – USA

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Professional Bio

I am a chemical oceanographer stuck between a rock and a wet place. I study the modern ocean (preferably the smelliest mud I can lay my hands on) and the geological record that provides a rich archive of the processes that have changed our ocean world over time. I am particularly interested in iron, which is probably a refection of the anemia that inflicted me when I was younger. In my laboratory I have very expensive instruments that help me tease out chemical fingerprints in the mud and rocks much like the brush and powder on CSI TV shows. And when I grow up I want to be a mermaid — I can’t actually take credit for this last statement this is something one of my students wrote on a questionnaire asking why she wants to learn about the ocean.

Personal Interests

My Research Interests

Smelly mud and colorful rocks.

My Teaching Interests

Anything the students are willing to learn about and I know something about.

My Hobbies

Ocean gazing.

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