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    ThumbnailIt’s beginning to set in that the end of our expedition is near. Today the last deployal of the two Landers as well as final GO-Flo’s and In-Situ Pumps were performed. The team is starting to take apart their equipment and pack up their gear and samples for the trips home. Scientists are on board from states […]

  • ThumbnailAs you’ve probably gathered by now, out here in the Gulf of Mexico we are on a hunt. Not for food or large mammals to shoot pictures of; we are on the hunt for chemicals. Elements ranging on the periodic table from those as commonly known as oxygen and iron, to others rarely ever mentioned, such […]

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    Migrateurrice, Thank you for your continued dedication in following our blog! In response to your questions: 1) I see you’ve already figured the asnwer out. 2) I went back to George for help on this one- there is an air reductor that removes gas particles and non-condensibles from the air by flushing the salt water […]

  • ThumbnailAfter our deployment of the CTD this morning, followed by GO-Flo and In-Situ Pump number 13, George Maltby, Endeavor’s Assistant Engineer, was kind enough to give me a tour of the water treatment facilities on board the Endeavor. A couple of things surprised and impressed me about the systems on board the Endeavor. If you’ve ever […]

  • Plankton live in the ocean, moving freely, Although most are too small for you and I to see. They drift back and forth and up and down, Migrating to and fro, looking for chow. Meroplankton will grow up eventually, While holoplankton stay drifters of the sea. Doctors will study them and find their benefit, We […]

  • ThumbnailFirst thing this morning was retrieving the Lander. It had been left at its most recent station for over 2 days where it had been collecting water samples at pre-set times. The whole science team was quiet as they waited patiently for the Lander to surface, hoping that something didn’t go wrong and keep the instrument […]

  • You’re abosulutely right, thank you Migrateurrice for your keen observation!

  • ThumbnailToday our crew was on the hunt. We are currently at our southernmost point since we headed out into the Gulf of Mexico nearly a week and a half ago; finding a flat sea floor is harder than you might think out here. A flat ground is necessary to use the multi-corer. Without a flat surface […]

  • Migrateurrice, Thanks for your feedback. You’re definitely right that the part about the plankton got cut a little short. That was because there was another posting coming shortly about plankton and I didn’t want to double post. Here is the other page of that paper blowing up to your front door… First thing was an […]

  • ThumbnailDay 9 aboard the R/V Endeavor brought some new experiences. The first thing was an exploration of our own. Cris and I were curious about the types and amount of plankton living in these waters so we dropped a plankton net into the water and did a couple of tows. A plankton tow is where you drop […]

  • ThumbnailWork started early today for Cris and Jim deploying a CTD at 07:00.  After breakfast the crew joined together to deploy the Lander for its fourth stay in the water. After the Lander was successfully launched, Dr. Maiti and Dr. Severmann deployed their in-situ pumps and let them run for a couple of hours at three […]

  • ThumbnailThe day started early for many of our scientists and crew today. Even before dawn Dr. Jim McManus, Bill, Paul, and Cris were up deploying the CTD to try and determine the characteristics of the water they would be sampling. After finding sufficiently low oxygen levels Dr. Maiti deployed his In-Situ pumps. Three of them were […]

  • ThumbnailThis morning all were ready for the first water sample collection that would be taken and kept from the CTD. At promptly 8:30 am the CTD was launched into the water with all of its bottles open and ready to be closed with sample water. The CTD was deployed to 27 meters (30 meters being the bottom […]

  • ThumbnailAfter a delicious breakf ast, compliments of Kim, our on-board Chef, we headed out for CTD preparations. Bill Flanning spent some time teaching Cris and me how to set-up, deploy, and recover the CTD. CTD stands for Conductivity, Temperature, Depth; it’s an instrument that is sent down to the depths to record these measurements and collect water samples. […]

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    Hi Rafica! Things have been going pretty well so far. Been keeping busy and trying not to feel too nauseous 🙁 I’ve been a little sea-sick but it is getting better. We’ve already deployed the CTD several times. CTD stands for Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth. It’s an instrument we put down into the water and […]

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