The Antarctic Circumpolar Current, composed

We’re headed pretty far south to the seas spiraling around Antarctica.

Lynne Talley from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography explained, “This is the only part of the ocean that has no land barrier all the way around. It connects the Atlantic to the Indian to the Pacific and back. It’s huge.”

Talley’s puzzling out the ocean’s circulation: basically how all that water gushes and surges and flushes around our planet. Have a listen.

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Infrared Antarctic composite image showing cloud cover with land outlines. Credit: Antarctic Meteorological Research Center.

Lynne Talley seated near the Scripps pier in San Diego. Credit: Robert Benson.

Salinity map of the Pacific Ocean with saltier (orange) and less salty (blue) water depicted. Credit: WOCE Atlas Volume 2.

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The Antarctic Circumpolar Current, composed

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  1. Very interesting research!