On the air and web

Ocean Gazing has been picked up by various radio, podcast, and museum outlets for broadcast and distribution. We keep a running record of those re-versioned episodes here.

December 17, 2011: Living on Earth
#28: Adroitly adrift
[audio: https://coseenow.net/podcast//2011/12/LOEadroit.mp3]

December 10, 2011: Living on Earth
#52: A rockfish reserve
[audio: https://coseenow.net/podcast//2011/02/rockfish.mp3]

Fall 2011: The Liberty Science Center in New Jersey is using mobile phones to extend the museum learning experience, allowing guests to engage and interact with exhibits in a new way. They’re calling it Science Now, Science Everywhere. They invited Ocean Gazing to develop an audio story for an exhibit on underwater robots called gliders. It borrows from Episodes #7 and #8: The Glide of a Lifetime, Parts I and II.

To hear the segment, just dial 201.537.6714 and when prompted, punch in 320 and then the pound sign (#). Or you can listen here:
[audio: https://coseenow.net/podcast//2011/02/LSCglidersV1.mp3]

Visitors to the Liberty Science Center can hear oceanographers talk about this underwater robot glider through their cell phones. Credit: Kate Florio.

July 27, 2011: WLRN’s Under the Sun
#10: Of bonds and blooms
[audio: https://coseenow.net/podcast//2011/02/red_tide_web.mp3]

June 10, 2011: Distillations podcast from the Chemical Heritage Foundation
#3: Coral Concerns & #30: Liquid Light
[audio: https://coseenow.net/podcast//2011/02/distillationsOG.mp3]

February 12, 2011: Living on Earth
#50: The poetry of our planet
[audio: https://coseenow.net/podcast//2011/02/poetry.mp3]

February 8, 2011: NHPR’s Word of Mouth (It’s the second story of three that’s discussed.)
#48: Clams in a jam
[audio: https://coseenow.net/podcast//2011/02/wom1a.mp3]

January 28, 2011: WHRV, a Virginia-based NPR affiliate
#48: Clams in a jam
[audio: https://coseenow.net/podcast//2011/02/WHRVclams.mp3]

August 16, 2010: Hawaii Public Radio
#37: A field of green
[audio: https://coseenow.net/podcast//2011/02/hprv1.mp3]