Step 5a: Evaluation

Just as you collect data in your scientific research, you need to collect data on the efficacy of your BI project, which means you need to plan for a project evaluation. Depending on your needs and budget, an evaluation can be simple or sophisticated and you can do it on your own or hire a professional evaluator to help you. For your proposal, you will not need in depth detail about your evaluation plans but you should demonstrate that you have considered how you plan to evaluate the BI component of your project.

A project evaluation plan outlines how you will systematically collect data from your audience to address questions such as:

  • Was this BI project successful? To what extent did the project meet stated goals and objectives?
  • Was this BI project valuable to your audience? Were your BI activities appropriate for them?
  • Did your audience change as a result of this BI project, and in what ways (i.e. knowledge, skills, or behavior)?

Your questions, audience, and where you are in the project planning/implementation process will determine what type of evaluation you will undertake. For most small projects, you will do only a summative evaluation, which helps determine if the project worked and its value to your audience. However, if you want to use data to inform your BI strategies, then you would do front end or formative evaluation. Front-end evaluation helps you get to know the audience and formative evaluation gives insight into whether what you are doing works for them.

Evaluation Types

Check off the types of evaluation(s) that you will need to do for this project