All Packed and Heading South for the Winter

RU26D, our deep glider, is ready for shipment to the west coast of the U.S for delivery to McMurdo station in Antarcitca.   Along with the installation of a new  quick release nose recovery system, the glider has passed all the final hardware and software checks in our lab at Rutgers.  

We are confident it is ready for the risky deployment in the Ross Sea.  in addition to the glider, the gray crate will have all the communication, computer and extra equipment we need to deploy the glider in the icy waters north of McMurdo Station.  

Next stop for the glider will be San Luis Obispo and the campus of Cal Poly for a final sea trial in the waters off the coast of California before the December deployment in the Ross Sea.

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About Josh Kohut

Josh is an Assistant Professor of physical oceanography in the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers University.

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