Reel in a REWARD for you winter flounder catch!

51 archival tags have been released out at the mud hole (Hudson River Canyon area).  We are offering a $200 reward for each archival tag retrieved!!

We have also released 12 acoustic tags and 118 American Littoral Society loop tags with more tags to go. We are not offering rewards for these two types of tags but if you’ve found one then you’re probably in the right area.  The American Littoral Society will give you a patch and the history of your fish if you mail the tag back in.  These tags are still worth while, so if you find one of these the length and location (GPS coordinates preferred) of where you caught the fish would be greatly appreciated!


In a future post I’ll go into detail about the tagging process, but I just wanted to get the word out that the tags are in the water.  Operation follow that flounder is a go!

Below Nick Giraldi (RUMFS technician) and I put archival data logging tags on the winter flounder as Dr. Ken Able releases them off the boat using a long handled net.


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