We had our FIRST reward today!!

Our first tag was recovered on Wednesday, a few miles offshore from where it was deployed! I drove down to Point Pleasant to pick it up today and handed over the $200 reward in exchange for the tag.  In this case the fisherman saved the flounder so I could measure it, determine it was a female, and take pictures of the fish to see how healthy it was compared to when we let it go.  If you catch a tagged winter flounder when the season is closed please don’t keep the fish, but DO keep the tag.  If you are able to measure the length of the fish that would be nice, but the priority is the tag and its location.  I can’t wait to see what this flounder will tell us about where its been.  Since the tag was recovered so early we’ll have the opportunity to reprogram it and get it back out on another flounder.  Its always good to have data, even if its short!

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