About the Broader Impacts Wizard

COSEE Networked Ocean World (COSEE NOW) has created a suite of new online resources for scientists, which compliments and enhances our existing social networking portal (https://coseenow.net). The BI Wizard provides a user interface that guides users through a series of well-defined steps necessary for the construction and implementation of a broader impact statement required in research proposals. The goal of this "smart" software, which outputs information based upon selections made by the user, is to help researchers identify their target audience and plan appropriate BI activities, budget, objectives, and evaluation plan. This process culminates in a summary report, including user input and additional supporting information to help plan and draft their proposed broader impact project and/or share this information with a potential partner.

Wizard Creators

This software was created by the NSF's Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence Networked Ocean World (COSEE NOW). COSEE NOW is building an online network of scientists and educators focused on using emerging Ocean Observing Systems (OOS) technologies and real time data for public education across a broad continuum including community colleges, the K-12 formal education community, and informal learning institutions. The COSEE NOW team - with investigators from Rutgers University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Liberty Science Center, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Word Craft, University of South Florida, and Monterey Peninsula College's Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) program - surveys and confers with educators and scientists on their use of ocean data to build the community's knowledge and skills in using real time data in education and public outreach. Ocean Observing Systems (OOS) represent an exciting new paradigm of internet-based ocean exploration. COSEE NOW's research and development projects focus on facilitating communications between educators and scientists; developing new data products and professional development services to improve communications and promote collaboration; and co-creating quality education and media products for use with the general public.