Keeping watch on a changing ocean

This time we’re headed to the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton in the UK, about 80 miles southwest of London. Kate Larkin and Richard Lampitt are both biogeochemists there.

Lampitt says, “Certainly there is a big development of enthusiasm for observing all parts of the global environment. And we’re very pleased to see that the ocean environment has not been missing out on that.”

Both Lampitt and Larkin are coordinating a massive European effort to look at, listen to, and touch the global oceans. Stay tuned to hear more.

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Richard Lampitt.

Both Larkin and Lampitt do research in the lab and at sea. Credit: Richard Lampitt.

Kate Larkin.

Kate Larkin and Richard Lampitt (lower left) teamed up with a crew in 2007 to study the Porcupine Abyssal Plain in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. Credit: Kate Larkin.

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Keeping watch on a changing ocean


  1. Ari, thank you again for a great story! And you really outdid yourself with the voice overs 🙂 I am hoping the sonic stumper means Santa is bringing my favorite podcast in a few weeks!!

  2. You are most welcome! I’m in a play at the moment and asked a couple of my co-performers to help out with the voice overs. I’m glad you enjoyed them!