In Your Classroom

The goal of MARE is to bring current research to the K-12 classroom and beyond in a manner that features best practices in science education and promotes stewardship of ocean resources. MARE curriculum focus on the integration of literacy with science, by emphasizing language acquisition and development techniques.

MARE was developed as a whole-school program, allowing a school to create positive change across grade levels and even within the community! However, the curriculum is extremely flexible to meet the needs of your school, classroom, club, etc.

Tips from MARE Educators:

Remember to start small and build your school’s MARE program over time.

Many of the schools with the most successful and consistent MARE programs, have added new things each year to keep MARE fresh (check out the MARE Group Forum to share ideas or learn from other MARE educators). MARE is the kind of program that you can tailor to your own school.

We also suggest taking advantage of the professional development and webinar opportunities offered by the MARE Team whenever they are available. You always learn something new!

Learn more about MARE in the classroom:

Getting Started

MARE educators can use the thematic program at their own pace throughout the year as a vehicle to coordinate and integrate marine and aquatic science instruction in the school. At each grade level MARE focuses on a different marine habitat and provides inquiry-based, hands-on activities, covering an integrated treatment of earth and physical sciences. To learn more and how to get started visit the Getting Started page.

Ocean Week

Each year, MARE educators coordinate intensive whole-school educational events that involve faculty and students at all grades, as well as parents and the community. Some schools celebrate an Ocean Week while others expand their focus to an entire Ocean Month. These ocean immersion programs create an exciting atmosphere school-wide and serve as the centerpiece for yearlong ocean studies. To learn more visit the Ocean Week page.

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