Autonomous, enormous, ingenious

Gwyn Griffiths is at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton in southern England. He heads up a team of about 50 engineers and students. They build robots and gadgets to keep track of what’s going on in the ocean.

Griffiths says, “We’re inventors. We invent new platforms for science.”

And he’s turning a lotta heads doing it. Stay tuned.



Gwyn Griffiths engaged in outreach with a crowd at the Science Museum in London.

Gwyn Griffiths (left) and colleage Paul Tyler with their remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Isis in Antarctica.

An Autosub keeps track of all kinds of features in the ocean, and Gwyn Griffiths oversees their design and science.

Education Standards

National Science Education Standards Grade 5 to 8

National Science Education Standards Grade 9 to 12

Ocean Literacy Principles

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Autonomous, enormous, ingenious

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Autonomous, enormous, ingenious

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