One world, one ocean: Part II

Last episode, I told you about the COSEE-China Planning Workshop that was held in early March in Beijing. In this episode, we’re spending this whole time in the city of Xiamen where we flew to after the workshop. It’s in the southeast of China. They’ve got palm trees, warm, moist air. It was just beautiful. So, Xiamen? It was like Chinese Florida. We’re gonna meet high school students and college students talking about their experience with ocean education in China. And the change they want to see. Have a listen.



Students at Keji High School listen to a couple of presentations by Bob Chen (UMass Boston) and one of their fellow students. Credit: Sammy Wang.

Two Xiamen U undergrads consider the Ocean Literacy brochure prepared by a few US groups, including COSEE. Credit: Sammy Wang.

Vera Shi, Bob Chen, and Marilyn Decker (L to R) flip through an English text with stories about the sea at Keji High School. Credit: Sammy Wang.

The US COSEE delegates and Xiamen undergrads compare notes on what everyone really should know about the ocean. Credit: Sammy Wang.

Eric Simms (Scripps Institute of Oceanography) discusses ocean education in the US and in China with students at Keji High School in Xiamen. Credit: Sammy Wang.

More Media

1. Dinner in Xiamen: Our first meal in Xiamen was filled with seafood and culinary surprises.

2. Keji High School: The students of Keji High School and the US COSEE delegates assembled for a group photograph.

3. Xiamen karaoke I: Marilyn Decker (Boston Public Schools) and her husband John Decker sure knew how to woo their audience.

4. Xiamen karaoke II: Carrie Lee from Xiamen University was well practiced when it came to karaoke.

5. Xiamen foot massage: I tried my best to enjoy a foot massage in Xiamen. Many found it relaxing. I found it...otherwise.

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One world, one ocean: Part II

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  1. Once again, what an amazing opportunity! I would be great to continue to connect and learn from the future COSEE China!