I watched The Cosby Show when I was little. Sometimes they’d have an episode of flashbacks. The screen would get kind of wavy, there’d be this shimmery music, and they’d show clips from earlier episodes. Well, that’s like this episode of Ocean Gazing. It’s a look at some of the first 37 episodes to reflect on what we’re all about and where we’ve come from. Have a listen.



    The Ocean Gazing podcast is a forum for people to share their science and stories about the ocean.

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    1. Thanks for the memories Ari!

    2. Gail Scowcroft says:

      Excellent, Ari!! A great summary of your work, and it reflects wonderfully on COSEE. For future Ocean Gazing podcasts, you might consider interviewing a scientist that is currently working on the Gulf oil spill. Also with hurricane season ramping up, tropical cyclones might be another good topic. There is some neat research being done by Eric D’Asaro (Univ. of Washington) on tropical cyclones this summer in the Pacific. His team will be dropping instruments into the storms while they are over the ocean to calculate the “cold wake” which might help them understand how storm intensity evolves.

    3. Gwen says:

      Thanks, Ari. That was a nice compilation.

    4. Ari Daniel says:

      Thank you, Gwen!