Discipline: Physics

Sonar in the sea

Kelly Benoit-Bird works on all kinds of ocean animals ranging from zooplankton to whales. And ocean observatories could make her science even more exciting.

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Seeing the small

Heidi Sosik and Rob Olson describe how a shared frustration led them to develop a special underwater camera that takes pictures of tiny cells in the ocean. It has revolutionized how the ecology of the ocean is studied. [audio:http://coseenow.net/podcast/files/2009/02/og02.mp3]

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An internet portal into the ocean

Welcome to the first episode of Ocean Gazing, a podcast where we
look at, listen to and touch the ocean to unpack its secrets. On this week’s program, we’ll hear from University of Washington oceanography professor John Delaney. [audio:http://coseenow.net/podcast/files/2009/02/og01.mp3]

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