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AEZOPS in the Books

It has been almost 19 days since we deployed ru26D from the edge of the ice. In that time the glider has traveled over 436 km (271 miles).   On December 18 we reached station E of the AEZOPS line and turned east.  AEZOPS is a series of stations that have been sampled on previous experiments.  […]

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One week to AEZOPS!

We are one week into our glider mission in the Ross Sea and the glider is doing great!  Since the deployment and our adventure under the ice, the glider has gone over 150 km (93 miles) toward the NE.   The conditions in the open water of the Ross Sea Polynya have been great. The above […]

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Under The Ice

Minutes after the glider was deployed we encountered our first challenge.  We knew that the ice conditions would determine where we could deploy and that the conditions might not be ideal.  Well we did have ideal conditions for the deployment, nice weather, calm seas, and immediate access to open water.  The only downside to this […]

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To the edge of the ice

In early December, 2010, Chip Haldeman from Rutgers University and Clayton Jones from Teledyne Webb Research voyaged to the edge of the Antarctica to deploy an underwater glider. These are a few of the images from their journey.

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Glider Away!!

On Friday night (Saturday afternoon in the Ross Sea) our glider ru26 was deployed. It was a great weather day, temperatures around 37 degrees and calm winds. Our crew Chip Haldeman and Clayton Jones headed out to the ice along with a support crew that included an ice expert and helicopter pilot. The helicopter took […]

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Josh & glider

Robots under ice

Josh Kohut talks about nutrients, deep currents, and how robots will be used to scout water masses in the Ross Sea.

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Helping hand

Forests of the sea

Adam Kustka talks about the different phytoplankton he expects to find in the Ross Sea and why they are important.

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