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The data are safe

Homecoming for Glider RU26

Late yesterday evening we recovered glider RU26, which had been cruising the waters of the Ross Sea since December 11. After 55 days, RU26 had traveled 732 miles, made 2,187 dives, and come within 2 miles of crossing the International Dateline and becoming a Golden Dragon like the rest of us (see yesterday’s post). But […]

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The Travels of RU26D

Underwater gliders don’t have an easy job collecting data in the harsh environment of the ocean. But sometimes, even getting to the experiment location is a tremendous challenge.

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Final Test for RU26D before summer vacation!

RU26 had one final test before she heads to a southern hemisphere summer vacation! The test focused on the glider’s altimeter. The altimeter is a very important part of the glider.  It uses short sound pulses to measure the distance between the glider and solid objects, like the sea floor!  Without the altimeter the glider […]

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