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To the edge of the ice

In early December, 2010, Chip Haldeman from Rutgers University and Clayton Jones from Teledyne Webb Research voyaged to the edge of the Antarctica to deploy an underwater glider. These are a few of the images from their journey.

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Ross Sea Ice Shelf

The Ross Sea Ice Shelf is considered to be the largest ice shelf in Antarctica. It is about 182,000 square miles, which is about the size of France! Find out more about ice shelves, Polynyas and what sea ice concentration looks like from space.

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The Travels of RU26D

Underwater gliders don’t have an easy job collecting data in the harsh environment of the ocean. But sometimes, even getting to the experiment location is a tremendous challenge.

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Antarctic Google Earth Datasets

The following collection of datasets can be used in Google Earth to explore the Antarctic Ocean environment before and during the cruise. Real-time datasets provide students an opportunity to gather scientific evidence, which they can use to investigate scientific processes that occur in the ocean.

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