Jan 19th Ocean Lecture & Educators’ Night Materials Posted

Background Information, Lesson Plans, and Dr. Jensen’s presentation now up on the MARE website

We have posted all of the materials from the Jan 19th Ocean Lecture & Educators’ Night on-line for you to use:

  1. Background Information: We compiled optional background information about the topics covered during the event. The categories include: Glossary & Acronym, Fisheries, Fish Science, and Black Sea Bass.
  2. Ocean Lecture Presentation: We posted the merged audio file and Dr. Jensen’s presentation slides so you can download the talk in its entirety or specific sections.
  3. Lesson Plans: We have compiled additions and adaptations to previous lesson plans to incorporate the fisheries, fish science, Black Sea Bass information that was presented during Dr. Jensen’s talk into your classroom. The lesson plans are provided as .pdf as well as a short description, list of grade levels, and relevant NJ Science Standards are highlighted. The categories include: Fisheries, Fish Science, and Black Sea Bass.

Enjoy! Let us know what you think or if there is additional information that would help you teach the material with your students.

-MARE Team

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