Coral concerns

You’ve found your way to Ocean Gazing, the podcast where we journey underwater to discover the ocean. This episode features Chris Martens, a marine chemist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He does his science by living at the bottom of the ocean for up to 2 weeks at a time.

Martens explained, “It’s not at all like what I dreamed about when I was 7 or 8 years old in South Florida. I dreamed that someday I was certainly going to go out there and live in a little house under the ocean. I’m getting to do it but it’s slightly different than I was expecting.”

Martens will also reveal the answer to our last sonic stumper and we’ll hand you another one. Stay tuned!



Large barrel sponge at Conch Reef, Key Largo, Florida. Credit: Jayme Lohr.

Chris Martens in his underwater lab.

Chris Martens getting ready to 'splash' and dive 50 feet underwater to live in the Aquarius Undersea Laboratory for a 10-day mission. Credit: Mark Hulsbeck.

Chris Martens looking out from one the Aquarius viewports. Credit: Alexa Elliott.

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Coral concerns


  1. gailscow says:

    Ari, These stories continue to be engaging and informative. How can we help to get the word out? Have you thought about an announcement in the monthly NSTA newspaper? Teachers and students would love these stories.

  2. Ari- Once again, a wonderful and compelling story. And thank you for the YouTube link to see the “school bus” under the sea… just a bit different than Ms. Frizzle’s bus.