Adroitly adrift

Kara La Lomia is part of a team at Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) that’s designing, constructing and using drifters. These floating instruments track the currents, and are engaging everyone from students to lobstermen.

La Lomia told me, “Well, I enjoy this kind of work. It’s hands on and it’s quiet, thoughtful work, and I enjoy that very much.”

So I made a trip to Portland, Maine a couple months ago to check it all out. Have a listen.



The Cape Fear Community College drifter deployment team off the North Carolina shore. Credit: Tim Shaw.

One of the drifter deployment teams at Southern Maine Community College in the waters off Portland. Credit: Tom Long.

The team at Southern Maine Community College assembles drifters that either float at the surface or hang about 5-10 meters beneath it, and they get pushed along by the currents. Credit: Tom Long.

More Media

Kara La Lomia and Catherine Chipman deploy the drifter tracking the current 5 meters down in Hussey Sound just off the coast of Portland, Maine:

Kara La Lomia shows off a pregnant female lobster being raised in aquaculture:


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National Science Education Standards Grade 5 to 8

National Science Education Standards Grade 9 to 12

Ocean Literacy Principles

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Adroitly adrift

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  1. What a program and what an opportunity to involve students and commercial fishers in research, thank you for sharing!