Bobbing and bowling

“So there are a lot of opportunities, believe it or not, to study oceanography here in central Wisconsin.”

That’s a quote from Steve Schmidt, a biology teacher at Newman Catholic High School in Wisconsin. He’s also the coach for the school’s Lake Sturgeon Bowl team, a regional high school competition about ocean science and stewardship.

Tomorrow, he and his students will be joined by 120 other students on 24 teams from all over Wisconsin. The winning team travels to Florida in late April to compete in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. Tune in to meet some of the students.



Newman Catholic High School students listen to the Ocean Gazing podcast (!) before the start of their practice. Credit: Steve Schmidt.

The team from Wisconsin\'s Marshfield High School smiles after winning 1st place at the 2009 National Ocean Sciences Bowl. Credit: NOSB.

High school students board the R/V Neeskay on Lake Michigan. Credit: Carmen Aguilar.

Lake Sturgeon Bowl team members from Newman Catholic High School offer up their friendly side for the camera. Credit: Alan Magayne-Roshak.

The Lake Sturgeon Bowl team from Clara Mohammed High School in Milwaukee collect data aboard a hypothesis-testing cruise on Lake Michigan. Credit: Carmen Aguilar.

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Bobbing and bowling

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  1. I had the pleasure of coaching an Ocean Science Bowl Team when I was a high school teacher and would recommend the experience to all students and potential coaches! The students get so much from the experience.