Scientists, teachers and artists, oh, my!


Stephanie Keske does computer visualization work, and is starting a graduate program this fall at Texas A&M University. She told me, “Just living on a ship, I think … you know, I try to be outside as much as I can so just being trapped on a floating hunk of metal is maybe going to be a little difficult. I don’t know: I’ve never been in one place with an inability to leave it for 2 months solid.”

At the moment, Keske’s in the northeast Pacific onboard an oceanographic research vessel. She and six other educators and artists from the US and France are working with the science team to do unprecedented outreach. Have a listen.


A smaller boat brought supplies for the CORKs to the JOIDES Resolution on some choppy seas.

You just may need a survival suit one day. But until that day comes, you look silly. Stephanie Keske (L) & Jackie Kane (C).

Drilling through the ocean crust is a massive undertaking.

The JOIDES Resolution stands tall at sea. Credit: The Consortium for Ocean Leadership.

Andrew Fisher (left) is on a drilling cruise to understand how water moves through the ocean crust, and what kind of life is thriving down there.

Education Standards

National Science Education Standards Grade 5 to 8

National Science Education Standards Grade 9 to 12

Ocean Literacy Principles

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Scientists, teachers and artists, oh, my!


  1. Doug says:

    As the educator at sea on the JOIDES Resolution last year at this time (in the Bering Sea), I can say it was an amazing experience. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, the website! Let those homesick folks know they are doing something great, and that we are watching.

  2. […] or JR. That’s the ocean drilling research vessel in the northeast Pacific that I profiled last episode. But this time the educators and artists onboard who are doing outreach to the public have gone all […]

Scientists, teachers and artists, oh, my!

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