Sounds of science


We’re back aboard the JOIDES Resolution, or JR. That’s the ocean drilling research vessel in the northeast Pacific that I profiled last episode. But this time the educators and artists onboard who are doing outreach to the public have gone all over the JR, and recorded sounds and interviews. This episode is theirs, and it captures a bit of what it’s like to live aboard a massive research vessel for 2 months straight. Have a listen.

Special thanks to Lisa Crowder, one of the JR’s assistant lab officers, for lending her gift of voice and song to the end of this episode.


Three members of the education and outreach team, Brigitte Thiberge, Jean Marie Gautier, and Stephanie Keske, regard an ocean sediment core. Credit: Bill Crawford.

Bejonty Richardson of Virginia State University says this is the biggest ship she's ever been on.

Outreach team member Stephanie Keske shows her mastery of the drimmel. Credit: Bejonty Richardson.

Science in real life. Here scientists discuss which parts of the core should receive which tests. Credit: Jackie Kane.

Jackie Kane and Dinah Bowman practicing their skills at visual core description (including drawing). Credit: Bill Crawford.

Education Standards

National Science Education Standards Grade 5 to 8

National Science Education Standards Grade 9 to 12

Ocean Literacy Principles

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Sounds of science


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  2. Toni Kelly says:

    Jackie – That was a fantastic poem! I could almost feel like I was there actually hearing those sounds. Wishing you and your team continued excitement and discovery! I can’t wait to hear all about it upon your return!

  3. Barb Dudley says:

    Hey Jackie,

    Fabulous poem!! Your words are very descriptive and easy to connect visual pictures with your experience. Thanks for a peek into your world on the ship. Can’t hardly wait to be more e-mailing with you. First School meeting tomorrow, and I will start teaching in January. “Talk” to you soon.