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Julie Thomas says, “Within the state of California, we actually have quite a sophisticated observation system.” She’s the Executive Director of the Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System.

In this episode, we travel along the California coast to find out about the ways in which several very different people are using the state’s ocean observing systems. There’s also a video of this episode below. Check it out!

Special thanks to Heather Kerkering and Amanda Dillon. And to Claes Andreasson, Judith Scherr, Todd Walsh, Andrew Stelzer, Fran Black, and Mike Fausner. Music from The Porter Draw.


The coast of California is packed with lots of opportunities to capitalize on the data streaming in from ocean observing systems. Surfing's just one. Credit: Doug Wylie/WiLDCOAST.

The San Francisco bar pilots board every ship entering the bay, and pilot them safely to dock. Credit: Heather Kerkering.

Ben McCue with WiLDCOAST watches the polluted Tijuana River coursing into California waters. Credit: Mike Fausner.

Julie Thomas loves that so many people take advantage of California's ocean observing systems.

Art Seavey farms abalone on the wharf in Monterey Bay. Three years ago, disaster struck. Credit: Todd Walsh.

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