A rockfish reserve

On January 1, 2012, Oregon will establish its first marine reserve situated a few miles south of the rural coastal community of Port Orford. Jeff Miles is a commercial fisherman, and he’s fished the site of the future reserve. He says, “It’s going to be great for the environment, the fish, but its going to hurt my pocket book…I still have mixed feelings after all this time.”

As the area moves towards gaining protected status, an unlikely partnership is emerging. Producer Jason Albert brings us our story. Have a listen.

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A deckhand greets the sunrise as the Top Gun motors out to Redfish Rocks. Credit: Jason Albert.

A rockfish rests in the surgery cradle. The team sutures the incision where the transmitter has been implanted. Credit: Jason Albert.

Time is critical during surgery so Tom Calvanese works quickly to minimize the time the fish is out of the water. Credit: Jason Albert.

After surgery, a fish is placed in a recovery cage and gently lowered overboard. The fish is monitored via a live video feed to ensure it can swim before being released. Credit: Jason Albert.

Jeff Miles captains the fishing vessel Top Gun. He's a proud Port Orford resident, and has fished local waters for 35 years. Credit: Jason Albert.

Jeff Miles and his crew know where to find and catch the fish. Credit: Jason Albert.

A research assistant grips a Red Irish Lord (not a rockfish) before collecting size and sex information. Credit: Jason Albert.

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A rockfish reserve


  1. Jan Hodder says:

    A great piece on a place that I know well. Kudos to the Port Orford fishers for stepping up and taking the lead in Oregon to develop the first marine reserve. I look forward to hearing the results of this important research.

  2. Jason Albert says:

    Thanks for the kind words Jan. Port Orford is a unique place- stunning views and
    wonderful locals willing to support an amazing initiative in the marine reserve.

  3. Jan Hodder says:

    If you are interested in learning more about the Port Orford story, in addition to three other examples of how people are cooperating in their planning efforts to benefit the ocean check out the new film by Greenfire Productions – Ocean Frontiers ay https://ocean-frontiers.org/