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We invite you to join the Networked Ocean World to connect with others who are exploring engaging ways of communicating about the ocean.

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What are the Benefits of Joining COSEE NOW?

By using networking tools available on the COSEE NOW web site, you can:

  • Discuss Ocean Issues and bring up-to-date ocean research to your workplace... whether it is a classroom, research lab, science center, or newsroom.
  • Enroll in a short course and Learn Something New about education practices, science writing for the public, or ocean careers.
  • Use the Networked Ocean World Workgroups and Forums to Collaborate, Create, and Share new science or education resources with the community.
  • Peruse the Resource Center that includes a variety of instructional materials such as activities, data visualizations, animations, and publication.. all contributed and reviewed by networked members.
  • Start by creating a profile and link to other network members that share your interests. Have a look around, join a group, see what others are creating and get inspired!

We invite you to join COSEE NOW!

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