Online Community

COSEE NOW fostered an online community of scientists and educators through a variety of online platforms.


Included in the COSEE NOW website were two online platforms to facilitate the online community of scientists and educators. These included:

  1. Groups – 21 topic-based groups provided an online space for members to discuss and participate in forums to foster experiences for community conversations across the geographic and training of the different members. The creation of Groups were as broad as general topics for the entire community to as specific as certain subsections of the community (e.g., teachers involved in the Ross Sea Connection project).
  2. Blogs – 14 project- or theme-based blogs were developed by the COSEE NOW team and partners to post content or new materials related to the project or theme. Examples of the blogs include support to Criterion II sections of scientists work, presentation of data visualizations of different ocean events to discuss with students, explanations and updates of science and educational research projects, etc.


COSEE NOW developed an online community of more than 500 scientists and educators interested in communicating about ocean observing sciences and real time data. Further information about the members is available on the Members page.

Members joined the online community…

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