2009 Strategic Communications Training

Join us for a two-part online learning experience with Andy Goodman, a nationally recognized expert in storytelling and strategic communications. In this age of “Too much information” we will discuss how we can connect with our audiences and improve our ability to deliver our OOS educational messages.

This event will be an important professional development opportunity and chance to link with others in the OOS communication and education field.

When: January 27 and 29, 2009 (2:00 pm EST each day)

Where: Conference Call

How to Register: Contact mcdonnel@marine.rutgers.edu for more information.

Who should attend: Educators and/or scientists involved in the Integrated Ocean Observing Systems (IOOS) network or in the National Science Foundation funded OOI.

What is expected: During these calls participants will learn how to focus messages to reach targeted audiences. Following the calls, a small group of participants will be encourage to review the IOOS Messaging Materials and discuss ways they can be adapted to meet regional needs.

More about Strategic Communications

Every public communications campaign offers four opportunities to connect with a target audience. Fail to connect at any one point and you may lose your audience entirely. When you recognize The Four Connecting Points, however, and know how to capitalize on each one, you will get more out of every communications dollar you spend.

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