FerrOCious Gulf Cruise 2011

This past Saturday, a crew of scientists and educators set sail aboard R/V Endeavor to explore the biogeochemistry of the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a scientist at sea (especially during the hottest time of the year), we encourage you to follow along on the FerrOCious Gulf Cruise blog.

The scientists are especially curious to hear your questions.

  • If you are a classroom teacher, and you’re just getting back to school, this cruise is a great way to engage your students in real-time ocean science research.
  • Even if your school year don’t start for a few more weeks, the site can help you showcase recent research connected to important scientific concepts. Plus, the site will be available throughout the early fall for you to ask questions related to the research stories you see.
  • We especially encourage leaders of 4-H or scout clubs and informal educators to use this cruise in your programs. It’s a great way to engage participants in conversations about cool science, as well as what it takes to be a science leader (aka “chief scientist”).

We invite everyone to check out the daily updates, scientist, teacher and crew profiles, expedition technologies, and featured stories about some important elements in the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.

The cruise will be at sea until August 19th, blogging constantly and answering your questions.

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