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COSEE NOW Goes Social

This month marks the mid-way point of COSEE NOW’s 5-year NSF project and we’re happy to announce the launch of our new web site. Find out about all the great new features our new social collaboration portal provides that will enable you to band together with fellow scientists and educators.

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Using Ocean Data in Education

COSEE NOW is pleased to present a new webinar series on Using Ocean Data in Education. In this series, we will explore effective strategies for incorporating real ocean data in formal and informal education products and programs, as a way to connect students to scientific concepts and real-time science. This session is especially designed for […]

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Climate & Environmental Change Education

Join us for a free webinar series to facilitate the design and development of a climate and environmental change curriculum and program for the Jersey Roots, Global Reach Sustainable Communities Project (SCP). The project, which is targeted for at risk youth and families, is designed is to teach youth about the causes and impacts of […]

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Ocean Home – Swimming Fishes

With the expected change in average ocean temperatures due to global climate change, many commercially and recreationally important fish populations will move in response. As a result, the distributions of some species’ populations will shift, either expanding or contracting due to physiological stressors. In this activity a human-sized board game will generally demonstrate how changes […]

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The Scarlet Knight's last leg begins

Scarlet Knight Update

The Scarlet Knight Glider has been in the ocean for over 128 days and continues it quest to cross the Atlantic. As the new school year starts, here’s a brief update on the Glider’s progress to help get your classrooms caught up.

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NOW at NMEA 2009

At this year’s NMEA conference, COSEE NOW team members presented a number of presentations spanning the range from ocean literacy activities in the K-12 classroom to an extensive review of scientists opinions on education and outreach

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Bridge Online Webinars

COSEE Networked Ocean World (NOW) and Virginia Sea Grant are pleased to announce our first online web seminars on ocean science education. Please tune in on May 20th to learn more about The Bridge resource center, and on May 28th for an Ocean Observing Systems Primer. Register to participate for either or both sessions on […]

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