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    Don’t Get Tide Up:
    Comments–If this is going to have an audience that wanders in and out, perhaps several distinct segments that could loop would be good. 1. What is a tide? 2. How does a tide work (sun, moon, earth, gravity)? 3. How do tides affect us (wet beach towels, shell distribution, flooding, depth of water, distance under bridge, water currents)? 4. Planning to use the tides (when to dock, when to go under a bridge, racing in one direction or another WITH the tide or AGAINST it)
    Passers-by will love the tank of water, especially if they get to slosh in it. I recommend waterproof lining below! Where will the bilge pumps pump the water to/from?

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will be putting the pumps to the test tonight. I am hoping that one will suck water out and one will bring water back into the aquarium. This set up will give visitors the ability to raise and lower the water to the depth they wish (depth marker on the side of tank) with the goal of bringing the cargo ship safe and sound into port. I will keep you posted.

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