A gust of energy

Jim Miller from the University of Rhode Island studies sounds and noise in the ocean.

Miller said, “Noise means interfering with something else. You could say that marine mammals are making noise because they’re interfering with my measurements. Or, or the ships are making noise. Or the rain is making noise.”

Miller’s thinking about how all this underwater noise is being impacted by offshore wind power. He’ll tell us about that connection in this episode.



Map of annual average wind power in the US. Darker blue = more wind.

Jim Miller listens to the wind somewhat differently these days. Credit: Paolo Franchi.

Offshore wind farm, Denmark.

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A gust of energy


  1. Thank you Jim! Your interview with Ari was very enlightening as to some of the issues surrounding the deployment of wind farms. At least for me, you raised several issues I had never thought of. Really interesting work!

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A gust of energy

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