Antarctica melting

This episode is a departure from the usual format. This fall, COSEE NOW will be releasing Antarctica Melting, a series of four audio slideshows about climate change in the Antarctic. An audio slideshow is an audio track accompanied by a series of photographs. Each audio slideshow will have a curriculum companion piece to go along with it.

On this episode of Ocean Gazing, you’ll get a sneak preview of the audio of the second slideshow in the series. It features Debbie Steinberg, a biological oceanographer at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. She’ll do all of the talking, but I’ll come find you when it’s over to wrap things up.



Gelatinous salps prefer the warmer waters associated with climate change in the Antarctic, and are blooming as a result.

Krill look like shrimp, and they're the base of the marine food web in Antarctica. But their numbers are falling.

Debbie Steinberg studies Antarctic zooplankton - the tiny drifting animals of the sea.

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Antarctica melting


  1. Thank you Ari, I look forward to reviewing the associated curriculum modules!

  2. Me too! We’ll let the whole network know once they’re complete!