Dotted shrimp and sugary fish


Carla Curran is an associate professor in marine science at Savannah State University. She said to me, “I think science is very important, and I think it teaches you how to think. Students should be well versed in it.”

And she’s doing everything she can to introduce students of all ages to more science. Have a listen.

Special thanks to Whitney Ince, Jill Lepo-Wieniewitz, and the students at Thunderbolt Elementary School. And thanks to WHCJ — the Savannah State radio station — for providing the Marine Science Minutes.


Curran develops lessons that combine information with hands-on observations and experiments. Credit: Whitney Ince.

Curran routinely takes her undergrads into the field to gather data and -- occasionally -- fall in the mud. Credit: Carla Curran.

These Thunderbolt fourth graders observe grass shrimp and their associated parasites. Credit: Whitney Ince.

At White Bluff Elementary School (in Savannah), students learn about trash in a landfill. Credit: Carla Curran.

Marine scientist Carla Curran is passionate about working with students of all ages, such as these fourth graders at Thunderbolt Elementary School in Savannah. Credit: Whitney Ince.

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